“Cal too low Cal alarm” Error and low hash rate problem of Ebang miners

In this paper, we try to study reasons for the low hash rate problem and the “cal too low cal alarm” Error of Ebang miners. 

First, you have to understand the Error is belong to which part of the miner.

The “Cal Too Low Cal Alarm” Error

The error as Call Alarm is equal to calculation of performance. When this error came in your miner, it means hash rate is low and the miner can’t use all of its capacity for hashing.

When the “Cal Alarm” Error will appear:

This error is happen If 

  • your miner’s Firmware has not been updated, 
  • the hash boards has not been cleaned 
  •  the humidity of the working area is high.

First solution to solve the low hash rate issue of Ebang miners

Updated your device to last existing version of Frimor. To update your miner, you can find the last version of your device’s software on this link. Update your device through the device settings page.

Note: if your miner’s software is too old, and several versions have been left in your device, then you should download all software versions including the last one, alternately and respectively.

For instance, if your software version is 2 and the last one is version 6, then you cannot download the version 6, directly. You have to update your device to version 3,4,5, respectively. After that your miner can be updated to version 6.

You have to consider that, a minute after your device’s update has been completed, you have to restart your miner from the settings menu, manually.

Second solution to solve the low hash rate issue of Ebang miners

According to reports of several service center, after cleaning the hash’s board and fans, the “cal alarm” error has been gone.

Note that, to clean your Ebang miner, all the top and bottom screws should be opened. Then the hash board can be removed. (Some screws are placed under the labels on the miner.)

We hope you can solve your device problem by following the above instruction.

If you still have the same problem, please comment in the comments section of this article to help you.

you can find the last version of Ebang miner here: